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Yarn Swift - Comments

Yarn Swift - Comments
Here are what my customers are saying:

Love it! Amazing, fast delivery.

So happy I purchased this! the best swift ever!

WOW! Exquisite workmanship! The fastest shipping possible!! Thank you! I love it!

One of the best purchases I've made in a long time...thanks!

Fabulous swift, quick shipping, beautifully packed.

Thank you for this custom order and fast shipping great communication Smile

Very quick delivery - beautiful! Can't wait to give it a try.

Mr. Hornshaw,
†Having now used the yarn swift I ordered from you, I can let you know how much I love it. †It is such a work of art, and is a joy to use. †

Deborah L

I love this swift! It is just the right heaviness and it folds up and stores in the bag I bought to go with it. I loved it so much I bought one for my mom.

The swift was beautiful and shipped so quickly! I love your work and this made a fabulous Mothers' Day gift.

SO-O beautiful! Works like a dream, cleverly constructed to be easy to set up and take apart. I love it!

I received my swift yesterday. It is a work of art. I will enjoy working with it. †Thank you...
Geneva S

This just arrived, and I've already wound 5 skeins with it. The swift is just beautiful-furniture quality-gorgeous workmanship! It spins like a dream, works like a charm. I will treasure this. Thanks Tim!

absolutely beautiful, works like a dream. Arrived super-quickly too!

Well made. Works great! Fast shipping! Thanks!

Dear Tim.
I live in Japan.
I just wanted to tell you that the item has arrived Japan today.
Thank you.
It has arrived safely! Thanks a lot!
Beautiful item.!
It is a wonderful item.!
Thanks so much!
You are Excellent

I'd like to say Thank you again.


Beautiful. This truly is a piece of art. Very easy to operate. Works like a charm!

So gorgeous!!! More beautiful than I expected- is a dream to work with!!

Absolutely beautiful. Very well designed and extremely well made. Terrific service and communication. Thank you, Tim.

Very beautiful and very well made. I can't wait to start using this. Thanks again for the custom Tim!

Got the swift late last week. †Very beautiful - I'm quite pleased. †My husband, who is a wood and metal worker, wonders how you can sell such fine work so cheaply.

I just wanted to let you know how wonderful the swift is! †It is so much more beautiful than the usual umbrella swifts, and so easy to set up and put away.
Thanks so much!


It's here, it's gorgeous, and I'm dying to go buy some wool and ball it up just to use it. Smile Trying to decide whether to pack it right away or whether to take it to knit night with me and show it off to the ladies and pack it up a little later tonight. Smile

Thanks, Tim, I love it! I've never seen Sapele wood before, it's really pretty stuff.


I did receive the swift, very fast and
just in the nick of time - I was about to wind about 16 skeins into
balls for a sweater, several of which had to be wound back into a skein
first, for a soak in soapy water. So I used the swift both ways and
it's just a peach, as well as incredibly beautiful.


I just received my swift. The product is like a piece of furniture. SOOO gorgeous. Works better than any swift Iíve ever seen. Price is very reasonable considering the quality of the swift. Actually, itís in the same ballpark of the better quality umbrella swifts, but works much better and looks SOOOO very nice on the table. When friends stop buy I donít have the ďwhat in the world is thatĒ questions I had with the umbrella.

I received my oak swift today, and it is beautiful! †I really did not expect to see it for a week or so, thank you for your promptness. †Can't wait to wind some yarn!

Great swift, easy to assemble. Fast shipping. Thanks so much!

Hi Tim,
I just wanted you to know that I received my beautiful cherry yarn swift today; thank you for such a quick delivery! †I also want the world to know what a wonderfully beautiful piece of art this is...the workmanship is beautiful, elegant really in its simplicity. The design is surely unsurpassed as it is easy to put together and its use a breeze. †I plan on displaying mine as...a work of art... but I also appreciate the portability factor. †Because of this, I recommend that others purchase the case. †Genius!


Just wanted to thank you so much for your quick delivery, and for this beautiful swift. I have been putting off buying a swift for some time as I wanted one that would be sturdy and last. I can say that this will probably last me a very very long time as it is so well constructed and so balanced and so easy to use. I popped it out of the box and was winding in seconds. Thanks again for such a great product, I will put it to good use Smile
Patti Anne

Arrived very quickly and it's beautiful! The workmanship is impressive, thank you much!

At my request, my brother bought me one of your yarn swifts for Christmas. I just wanted to let you know how much I love it. It's stable and the action is smooth. And it's just beautiful and expertly made. I love the routered details of the skein width measurements. Thank you so much!

Amazing product!

Absolutely beautiful and works like a dream. I would recommend in a heartbeat.

The swift and the bag are perfect. The swift is 'beautiful'. I was just amazed with the beautiful wood work and love the attention to detail that was put into the making of this product. I have to tell you that I would and will highly recommend it to anyone! Word of mouth is the best advertisement and you definitely have my vote!!
Thank you again!!


I love, love, love this swift. Was going to give my old one to a friend, but this one is so much nicer I will wait and buy her one as a gift.

Meant to say: Swift received, it's beautiful, and my wife loves it. †Happy New Year.

Very good response and timely arrival. Thank you!

A beautifully crafted swift! Delivery time was incredibly fast! Excellent!!

LOVE IT!!! Nicely Made. Smile

awesome product! Super fast shipment! Thanks again!!!

Excellent product, fast shipping, good communication A++++++

She Love's It!

Absolutely perfect craftsmanship, fast and careful shipping and spins like a dream. Everything down to the bag for the pegs is top-notch quality.

The swift is gorgeous. Thoughtfully designed, beautifully finished, a perfect mix of function and art. Thanks!

My cherry swift arrived today and I am in awe of the workmanship. It's gorgeous! Thanks so much! I have a set of cherry combs, so this is a nice companion.

Excellent quality and amazingly prompt shipping!

Beautiful craftsmanship and quick shipping! Thank you!!!!

What a terrific product this is! It is extremely well made and looks very durable so that it will last a long time. The wood just sings and gleams so nicely.

My husband bought this for me for my birthday. I got it today and I LOVE IT!!!!! The work is unbelievable. It is gorgeous. Thank you! I have waited a long time for a yarn winder (swift) and it was worth it!!!

WOW! I love this thing, it is so beautiful! Best looking one I have seen.

Beautiful item. Superb craftsmanship. Well packed and shipped. Recommended seller! Thank you!

The Tiger Maple swift arrived yesterday, and I have already used it to wind several balls of yarn. The swift has clearly been engineered with all aspects of function taken into account. It's incredibly easy to set up and to pack up for storage. The swift is rock stable when in use, and the arms spin freely on the center rod. As a added bonus, the wood is lovely, and I'm sure that its beauty will only increase as the maple ages. Thanks again for sharing your top-notch craftsmanship.

Awesome Swift beautiful and functional, well packaged and lighting fast delivery Thanks so glad I purchased!

WOW!!! Thank you Tim!!!
†Received the swift all in good order, and I would like to say thank you for all your help in getting it to me, it has been a pleasure to have done business with you. This is a fantastic swift beats the hell out of those umbrella types, such a nice design and craftsmanship.

Many Thanks Ben

Absolutely gorgeous! Everyone is in awe of the craftsmanship. This swift is truly a work of art. I love it!

Beautiful craftsmanship, well finished, super-fast shipping, ingenious design. Thank you, I love it!!

Impressive craftsmanship! Arrived in Australia in 4 days! My wife was thrilled. Thanks Tim.

Beautiful workmanship and fast shipping. I'm very pleased with my purchase and would recommend Hornshaw Wood Works to anyone seeking a quality swift.

Unique and fast shipping, Thanks!

The swift and carrying bag arrived in Honolulu yesterday and I went to pick it up at the post office this morning. †They were in perfect condition. Thank you so much!!! I just love the swift and carrying bag. †Can't wait to use them! †Beautiful workmanship, speedy shipping and great service!!

I had to drop you a note to compliment you on your yarn swift. †The cherry is so pretty and your finish makes it "sing" as it turns. †In today's throwaway society how wonderful it is to purchase something that obviously was made with love. †
p.s. †My friend saw mine and will be ordering in the next few days! †Thanks again.


Excellent, a work of art--Works Great loved it, †Fast shipping. Thank You

Exceptional product and speedy shipping. Great product!

Received the swift-it is gorgeous! And extremely easy to use! Thank you! I have a knitting class today and am planning to take this with me to show the shop owner-hope it will lead to many orders for you!~
Thanks again


I just received the swift. †It looks beautifully made, and I might be tempted to keep it set up all the time instead of folding it!

I received my swift, it is beautiful! A work of art! And it spins SO smoothly! Thank you very much!

Beautiful item, very professional, shipped fast, seller very helpful, would buy again

Just Great! Fast shipping, wonderful swift! Best Ebay'r ever. Thanks much.

Beautiful swift! Very fast shipping! Thanks!

Hi Tim--
Just wanted to write and tell you that I received my cherrywood swift. I *love* it!
It is beautiful! I'm so happy to work with such a lovely and functional piece.

I've just used it, happily and easily, to rewind a skein that I had spent several hours un-felting. The swift performed beautifully - clean, smooth rotation, and the easily adjustable pegs kept the skein in place as it diminished in size while winding off. I love putting it away and setting it up - it's so easy and intuitive to do!

A real pleasure to have something so nice to work with.
Thank you very very much.

--Li † (13Stones)

Dear Tim,
Iím sorry that it has taken me awhile to send this brief note of thanks, but I want to tell you how much I love the beautiful cherry wood yarn swift you sent to me a couple weeks ago. It is wonderful, and I will recommend your work to others!

Debra Hills

Beautiful and well made. I love it!

Beautiful craftsmanship. Amazing service and communication. Item arrive literally 24 hours after purchase! Thank you so much for this amazing piece of useful artwork!!! It is as gorgeous and it is functional!

Beautiful item, very pleased with the quality of the materials and workmanship

The swift arrived promptly and in good condition. †The swift is gorgeous in the walnut, and I'm thrilled with how well it works. Even for fine lace weight alpaca, it spun freely without catches which could have caused issues with yarn so fine. Thank you for such a beautiful work of art as well as a functional tool. I love it!

Just wanted to say that I received my swift, (a while ago) and I canít believe how pretty it is! And it works so awesome, not one tangle throughout the whole ball winding!!! Sweeeeettttt!


Beautifully crafted, well engineered tool. Fast shipping - arrived in 2 days.

Wow fabulous, the yarn winder is a work of art!!

The swift is exquisite and works beautifully. Seller shipped the same day. I am so happy with everything about this purchase.

Beautiful work and gorgeous wood. Thank you for making these available; highly recommended!

This is the best looking skein winder I have ever seen! Spins smoothly and is snag free. I love how it folds up so compactly! Absolutely love it! Thanks!

Very nicely crafted, shipped quickly in perfect condition, made a great gift!!

Wow...what an engineering marvel! Beautiful craftsmanship and design. Worth its weight in GOLD! Thanks so much for the super quick shipment.

Beautiful swift! I've already used it and couldn't be happier. Thank you!

†My yarn swift arrived yesterday, and I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with it.
†I did my due diligence and research in deciding on a yarn swift. Most of them are utilitarian at best, and the umbrella versions look like antique and fragile flying machines. But yours is a gorgeous and useful creation. It is every bit as beautiful as the website photos. But best of all, it works perfectly. I was concerned that it might slide or shift on the table top because it is free-standing. But it is sure-footed and absolutely stable.
†So thank you again. Please feel free to use me as a reference!


Just wanted to let you know I received my swift a few days a go. It is lovely. It is even prettier then any pictures on your web site. Thank you so much. It is truly a work of art. Did I mention it works great too!

Extremely fast shipment; great product; nice video instructional video

Gorgeous. Can't wait to give it a spin!

Beautiful! Shipped & arrived very quickly. Lovely, detailed work. I especially appreciate the carved numbers marking the skein size.

The swift is gorgeous. Thoughtfully designed, beautifully finished, and I'm so glad I have it. Thanks!

Wow - the yarn swift is even more beautiful in person. Absolutely wonderful craftsmanship and artistry in this yarn swift. Every detail was well-thought out and creatively made. Thank you so much! I will treasure this piece and use it well!

Not only does this swift function well, it's a beautiful piece of woodwork to boot! I highly recommend this seller. The swift was packaged well and shipped quickly.

A work of art and I deserved it! Thank you for the handcrafted swift!

The swift is such a lovely piece of woodwork! I love it. Your are a talented craftsman. †The Fedex link worked just fine. Shipping was speedy.

†Absolutely amazing and beautiful swift!! It arrived much more quickly than I anticipated and it's just gorgeous! Works wonderfully!

A beautiful piece of work, and spins very smoothly. †I may never need another.

Itís gorgeous. Thanks so much! My son said that it smelled like candy.
Canít wait to show my knitting group!


Beautifully crafted. Very practical. Shipped so quickly. Delighted!

Beautiful swift, fast shipment, excellent transaction, can't wait to use it!

I thought quality workmanship like this was a lost art!!! I love this swift!!!

Thank you!
Hi TimĖPlease accept my apologies for not writing sooner to let you know that Iíd received my gorgeous Swift. †The workmanship is divine, and my husband (who understands these things) tells me that your design is quite wonderful!
Hope you have a great 2009!

Mary in Port Moody

†Tim, I just wanted to let you know that Iíve been using and loving my swift since I was allowed to open it Christmas morning! It is absolutely beautiful in person and works so smoothly! I love it! Iím so glad I searched the forums and saw your picture. I wish you much continued success and do solemnly swear to recommend your swift to all my knitting friends! Smile

Dear hornshawwoodworks,
†I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my swift. The craftmanship is excellent and it spins like a dream. I am wondering how I managed without it. Thanks again for the caring that comes through in your attention to detail and work.

- littleboobot

Ebay - Oak Swift
WOW!!-beautiful craftmanship, beautiful detail; spoil yourself & buy this swift!


†I received the swift yesterday and am absolutely amazed, it is a million times more amazing than I expected. The addition of the fifth post is a great idea as soon as I start spinning my own yarn ill be using the fifth post as a handle so I many wind my yarn off the wheel and into skeins. Thank you for a wonderful product at an affordable price.
ThanX Again,


Hi Tim,
I just wanted to let you know that I received the swift and sock blockers.
These are absolutely beautiful pieces!
Thanks ever so much!!


Hello Tim,
†Hope all is going well. †I thought about you getting red today and all I could think about was Santa Claus. †I hope you were able to get all cleaned up without any problems.
I wrote a little something for you. †I hope you like it. †I always write poetry and this just came to my head.

Hornshaw Wood Works

Hornshaw is the place to go
Where woodwork is an art.
Timothy works wonders
When he CADs his wood apart.

For pieces of perfection
You can go to him with ease.
Heíll plan a masterpiece for you
And do it all to please.

So if you want a special piece,
Remember what I said;
And go to Horshaw Wood Works.
Youíll be really glad you did.
By: †Roxanne12-18-2008


Superb workmanship--it's so beautiful I'll never fold it up, even though I can!

WOW!!-beautiful craftmanship, beautiful detail; spoil yourself & buy this swift!

Beautifully constructed and crafted - can't wait to try it.

This is a totally awesome skein winder. It is very well designed and very reasonably priced. I'm very happy with this purchase. THanks!

This swift is so beautiful and so beautifully made. It is a treasure worth every penny!

Beautiful craftsmanship. Bought this as a gift and my friend loved it! Thanks so much!

Its really beautiful and works like a dream. Shipment was really fast!

Very lovely piece of work. I love it!

It is beautiful and came so quickly. really, I'm not just saying this but It is truly a lovely item and so well engineered and made. I can't wait to get started. THANKS!

A true quality item. Looks good, works good. Arrived quickly. I am thrilled with this swift......many thanks!

It arrived today--what fast delivery. It's beautiful and I cannot wait to use it! Much nicer looking than an umbrella swift and I absolutely love that it is compact. Although I feel like there should be some sort of hook so I can hang it on the wall as decoration too Smile

Arrived yesterday - lovely piece of work. Thanks!

†I just received my order today, and WOW is it beautiful!!! †I had all the girls at work oooing and ahhing over it. †Iím so going to bring it to my weekly knitting night at the local yarn shop. †Then Iím going to buy some yarn that is in a hank and us it instead of the swift they have and watch them drool, hah hah hah hah hah. †Itís an evil plan, but someoneís got to do it.
†Donít worry; I wonít just make them jealous with my new fangled toys and tell tale of sock blockers, I will be sure to pass on your good name and website for their shopping ease.
Thanks so much,


Hi Tim
Your swift arrived a few days ago, and my new ball winder arrived yesterday, so I have been having fun trying them out! †So far, the swift works great, and it works well with the Royal ball winder. †The swift also works nicely for winding yarn into skeins on it's own.
Thanks for making such a great swift, and for the prompt shipping. †I will let you know if I have any problems with it, though I don't forsee any.
Have a good weekend. Smile


Hi Tim,
I received the swift today. †Itís great Ė beautiful work.
Thank you,

- Sandi

†Would you like to leave feedback? †Just use the comment form and I will put your feedback here!

Thank you all for your kind words!



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